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In all our services we include special menus for coeliacs.


Paellas play an important role in one of our specialities. Its ingredients are fresh and top quality.

The process to carry out this event starts on the same day. We arrive with our own vehicles carrying all the necessary things for its elaboration. We then unload this magnificent paella made of stainless steel placing it on the barbecue so no to touch the ground with the fire. We use wood fire to increase its flavour.

Firstly we make a stirfried with the ingredients needed depending on the type of paella. The one we are showing is a mixed paella. As we can see, the result is spectacular and the diner guests can follow the elaboration step by step as usual, taking a direct part of the show.


To prepare our sardines, we choose the best ones in size and freshness and we prepare them on stainless steel plates on good wood fire. We finish the elaboration with garlic and parsley and finally served with steamed mussels. You can see the result… fresh sardines elaborated at that precise moment.


We are pleased to show you the elaboration of a whole piece of 238 Kilograms veal using an own design maxi-barbecue. We arrive and we set up the barbecue where the veal is placed and marinade with natural spices to get a mouth-watering result.

During the process of elaboration, we dress it with wine giving a great show to the diner guests having the opportunity to be taken photographs as we are sure they have never seen such an event before. After 10 hours, we cut it off in front of you so fortunate people can have the chance to taste this magnificent feast that the veal offers us.


We introduce these dimensional own design barbecue murals. We have got three units where we can have access to cook 30 piglets in one moment so far. We can also cook chickens, lambs, etc. Their dimensions and the elaboration process make a unique show where the dinner guests can see the beginning of the piglets or other sort of meat’s elaboration by themselves as we have got the easiness way to cook anything we want to.

It consists of two parts. The first one it is where fire wood is set up giving just the necessary heat to the sort of meat we are elaborating and the second one where the ingredients are ready to spin themselves at all times. As you can see the barbecue murals are portable and fire wood is located under control.

As you can see the result provides a tasty meat elaborated on a low flame and in its juices. Cooking requires time in order to get great results as we get from these Macro-Barbecues that give us great shows at all times. You shouldn’t miss it.