We arrive; we set the tables, serve and clear away.


Need catering? WHERE, WHEN & HOW?

We have the solution to these questions.

A wide range of gastronomic possibilities by a team of professional experts is the key to success of the “Group Papitu i Fills”. We offer a friendly and caring service and a high quality food under strictly technical and health controls.

'Grup Papitu i Fills' are specialized in large events. We have all the infrastructure necessary to provide any service, anywhere in Spain and abroad without any restriction.

The service contains all of our gastronomic otfer, table service, glassware and cover, waiters, bar, and any type of complement: music, animation and so on.

We have several rooms (saloons) where you can make your events to the smallest detail unconcerned.

If you are interested in making a Guinness record, we can manage the event as we have a long experience in large events.


Aimed at social events, sponsored by municipalities, schools, sports clubs, cultural associations, etc...

  • Popular festivity
  • Final sport season clubs
  • Family celebration:
    • Weddings
    • Baptism
    • Communions
    • Anniversaries
  • Companies
    • Openings
    • Open doors
  • Meeting points
    • Castellers
    • Motorcyclists
  • Popular snacks
    • Old people
    • Sporting events
  • Public company conferences